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About Laura Weiss

Voice Talent: Atlanta, Georgia

Welcome to my web page. I am an independent voice-over artist with over 9 years of experience. Some of what I offer my clients includes:

• Efficient/ on-time production
• Reliable quotes
• A variety of popular file formats
• An extensive sound effects library
• Collaborative Script writing/editing
• Dedication to producing a professional product
• Competitive rates

My Story

I am a retired professional educator and for the last 9 years I have also been a successful voice-over artist. People ask me, “How did you get into that field?” and I have to ask if they want the long or short story. Here is the “short” one.

After reading an article in the AJC about world renowned v/o artist Liz Raphael Helgesen-the voice of Marta-I was so inspired I contacted her. She is a saint; she agreed to train and mentor me. I also attended an inspirational workshop held by Bill Kovach. I had demos made by Susan Blaine at Captive Sound Studios. My nephew, Joshua Smelser, contacted friends of his (Lance Blair and Ryan Williams) to inquire as to what type of equipment I would require for producing my own sound files. We purchased it, and I received training on its use and now maintain a small home studio for producing quality voice audio files.

I have been very fortunate to have had such great help. My web-site generates good interest and my friends, family, and clients have recommended me to others. For the last 6 of my 9 years of experience years I completed voice-over work for HP in conjunction with video produced by Brad Perkins at VVV Creative. When my focus was teaching, voicing was my “hobby job.” Happily I am now available to devote more time to my passion.

The microphone is my magnet. I have been told I have a unique quality of being able to deliver just the right tones, at just the right time, to get your message across better than you could say it yourself. That’s why I’m here. I am dedicated to delivering each message professionally and am a dependable performer. You have deadlines to meet. I understand your challenges and I’m here to help you succeed with your messaging needs.

I will be pleased to serve your recording needs in a timely and professional manner. Simply use the “Contact Us” link at the top. I look forward to hearing from you. Remember, “Sounds Weiss, Sounds nice!”


My greatest volume of voice-over work for the last 9 years has been for HP (Hewlett Packard) for their in-house training videos. Other clients have included the City of Atlanta and Heavenly Touch Wellness Center and Spa.

My most recent works are books published for Audible available there and on Amazon. Please view the “Samples from Recent Projects” tab.

I have been involved in the craft of performance for over 25 years. My experiences in theater, both in the academic and civilian sectors, have been diverse. Onstage experiences include both lead and supporting roles in dramas, musicals and comedies. I was the Drama Club sponsor and/or coach at every school for which I worked.

I received hours of personal, professional coaching from world famous voice talent Liz Raphael Helgesen (passionfruitproductions.com). I completed the Voice-Over Workshop, conducted by Bill Kovach and The Knowledge Shop. I spent countless hours with the Genius Apple staff to learn the intricacies of voicing software, and continue to update and learn new skills to remain current as technology changes.

I am often called upon to be a presenter at awards ceremonies, have done volunteer for the organization, Recording for the Blind, am an official who calls the Academic Bowl questions at the local school county competitions, and have been the MC for the annual Spelling Bee.

Also, I often waive fees for charitable organizations. If there is some way I can help your organization, please contact me.


• Associate of Arts Degree majoring in Theater Arts /Broward Community College, Florida.

• Bachelor of Science in Education, majoring in Mathematics and Science/ Georgia State University.

• Gifted Certification

• Reading endorsement

• Master of Arts/Piedmont College (completed in Language Arts)

As a former educator, I was classified as being “highly qualified in all areas.” As a voice talent, it is the same. I find my diverse background allows me to talk easily and comfortably about highly technical information, as well as being able to perform all types of informational/entertainment messaging.